Wow, I love it!


Although it was over 20 centigrade below zero in Boston, we can really feel the Bostonian enthusiasm on the wines. You can see young girls, and also see old gentleman with a cane. We are very pleasure that so many people can taste our Riesling Ice Wine and so be happy to hear of their words after they taste it. “Wow, I love it!” “Wow, Delicious!”.  It’s lovely to see the taster’s surprise expression after tasting our ice wine. One guy told me “It’s almost perfect.” At that time, in my heart I just want to asked ” Wow, it’s really?”. Anyway, It’s a great time in Boston, and hope I can bring more wine to let them taste it in the next year, and want to say “Boston, I love you”

–Writing After the Boston Wine Expo 2016—–