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We create delicate memories

Our Profile:Maple Creek Winery is situated in the picturesque Fraser Valley of BC Canada. From the beginning of our business in 1994, we’re always focusing on making high class red wine, white wine, and ice wine. We're exciting to share the art of winemaking with our customers. We know well that the qualities of wines are our life and the foundation onto success. Using traditional Canadian making method, especially our unique low temperature fermentation processing, our wines can maximum keep the fresh and aromas of the grapes, and meanwhile get the better body and bouquet. Welcome to taste the gift of nature and enjoy it with us.
Our Values: We will provide our customers with our highest quality wine and honest price, and ensure our products and services are more value than they paid.
Our Medal:
 Silver: Cabernet Sauvignon and Bronze: IceRiesling   

Our Wines

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white_wine Always Pair Cheese with White Wine 


red_wine Pairing Red Wines with Spicy Foods


ice_wine Pairing ice wines with Peaches